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Institute of Physics (IOP)

An Official Photo at DWD 2020

News RP 2022

  • Dec 5-6: DFG RealPEP Research Group Meeting, Organiser
  • Dec 5: NHR National High Performance Resource Group Meeting
  • Nov 17-18: KIAPS Science Advisory Committee (SAC) in Seoul, Korea
  • Nov 14-16: KIAPS International Symposium on Numerical Weather Prediction, Seul, Korea Web
  • Oct 19-20: DWD-DLR Steering Group Meeting
  • Oct 6-7: DWD-KIT Steering Group Meeting
  • Oct 4-6: Mathematics of Weather MOW 2022, Bad Orb, Germany Web
  • Oct 5: NHR Workshop Stuttgart (National High-Performance Computing) User Committee


  • Sept 28-30: ICES Foundation Geneva, Bi-Annual Conxerence Invited Panel Contribution
  • Sept 28: ESM-W (Earth System Modeling on the Weather Scale) Project Kick-Off, Organiser
  • Sept 22-23: national ESM Strategy Steering Committee Meeting in Hamburg
  • Sept 12-16: COSMO General Meeting in Athens
  • Sept 4-9: European Meteorological Society Annual Meeting Bonn co-organized by DWD
  • Sept 1: NWP Seminar at DWD Prof. Stammer (Hamburg) visiting scientist
  • Aug 31-Sept 2: Takashi Furuya visiting scientist paper
  • Aug 29-30: Days of Digital Technology Berlin, Panel Discussion Participation Web
  • Aug 16-22: Reading and London
  • Aug 8-9: Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology Hamburg, Strategic Meetings on ICON Development
  • July 26-30: DWD Leadership Meetings Development Strategy - management board and department heads FE, WV, KU, TI
  • July 13+20: CONTRAILS Project Kick-Off Meetings, compare Project at BMWK, see also Press Release, Press Release from Paris Kick-Off
  • July 1: ESM-W Project starting: Earth System Modeling in the Weather Regime. First project scientists working on observations (conventional, remote) and data assimilation algorithms for couples atmosphere-ocean forecasting start their work.
  • June 26-28: Trilateral Digital Twin Directors Meeting Bologna, Italy
  • June 21-23: Machine Learning and Data Assimilation, Imperial College, London MLDADS 2022
  • June 20-22: ICON All-Staff Developer Meeting and ICON-Consolidated Developer Meeting, Frankfurt ICON-All-Staff
  • June 13-15: 1st Workshop on Data Science for GNSS Remote Sensing
  • June 7-10: AMA22 (Ateliers de Modélisation de l'Atmosphère 2022), Toulouse Web
  • June 6-10: 8th International Symposium on Data Assimilation in Colorado, US

isdabanner.jpg gnss_workshop_logo.jpg

  • May 18: Kick-Off German-French AI Programme, Paris, AI Village (Global Industrie Fair)
  • May 12: Coordination Group Numerical Weather Prediction KG-NWV
  • May 4-6: DWD Research and Development (FE) Leadership Meeting Hohenpeißenberg R&D at DWD
  • May 2-3: ICON-Seamless Workshop Hamburg by MPI, DWD, KIT and DKRZ
  • April 28-29: DFG Research Group RealPEP Workshop at Bonn Web
  • April 22: ICON-Directors Board and ICON-Coordination Group Meeting
  • March 2: Webinar Artificial Intelligence meets Numerical Weather Prediction (ICamCloudOps) Web Survey Talk
  • Feb 20-26: Mathematical Research Institute Oberwolfach, Workshop on Data Assimilation – Mathematical Foundation and Applications Web
  • Feb 11: ISDA-Online Special Event: History of Data Assimilation isda_online_logo.jpg
  • Feb 10: Coordination Group Numerical Weather Prediction (KG-NWV)
  • Feb 7-8: Co-Design Workshop DWD - German States Flood-Prediction Units
  • Feb 1-2: DFG Research Group RealPEP Phase II Kick-Off Meeting Web

realpep_team.jpg oberwolfach_2022.jpg seminare_iccarus_2022_logo_en.jpg

  • Jan 28: ICON-Directors Board (ICON-D5) and ICON-Steering Group (ICON-C5) Meeting
  • Jan 24-25: C2SM-DWD Bilateral Leadership Meeting
  • Jan 20-21: 2nd ICON-Consolidated Workshop (online) with DWD, MPI, KIT, DKRZ, C2SM

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